Jun. 12th, 2016


Jun. 12th, 2016 05:21 pm
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The best way to kill a birthday? Get blamed for the off shift dropping the ball on a case. Point it out, have it blamed on the one guy who is responsible. Point that out, get things moving, and then get caught up in the "why don't you get all your hours approved ahead of time?" discussion, where I am going to request things in writing, which will never happen.

Get told "Dude! "44

exact words:


You are missing this big time! As a manager, I expect to know the times beforehand that any of my team members are on schedule so that I can accurately manage the business. If all of a sudden a team member decides, “well, I’m not going to work 5 days this week, but work 4 days a week”, that should be discussed with me and approved prior to that decision. I appreciate the flexibility. I really do. Let’s not get that confused. However, I do expect notice of any deviation from the schedule that we have because we need to make changes in coverage and phone routing.


You were given advanced notice. You chose to forget the second part, where I worked extra hours to make them up. You now want to know why I am so negative about working extra hours. Is it so hard to understand? I've lost 8 hours of obvious, and 20 hours of previous, overtime. That's extremely significant. So, if it isn't written, it's not real.

Also, "dude"? Really? Fuck you. I am not your friend, I am your employee, as the rest of the message hammers home to me.


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