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I want to...

Do Musdsummer Knights dream as SCA theater

DMidsummer as about bi couples...include transgender arg

Really learn how to sing Bel Canto

Fit into armor again
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Lemme check. Crippling medical condition? Nope. Endemic prejudice against me? Nope. (Some systemic ageism, but meh, big deal.) Held hostage to anything I MUST have, like medicine, or clean water? Not completely yet.

Why so angsty, ChickenMan?

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Sam Cockey.

Reg Schmidt. My Father.

Leigh Ann Hussey.

Mike Plotz.

Gerhardt Westmoreland
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1. Seeds sprouting
2. Lizards in the yard
3. Dance
4. Simple cvomplishments: bed made, shoes washed and polished, shelf put up
5. Camaraderie at work
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The Moon is riding low now, a crescent in the sky, the eternal ship promising return that never arrives, the companion on every road, the inspiration for poets and darkness, carrier of kisses, promises, and witness to deeds noble but more often desperate.

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Going through the stuff in my father's estate is surreal.

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Jan. 23rd, 2016 12:04 pm
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Hour 1: 3 of 4 noshows. Aaaargh.
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I have started the contract.
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Jan. 14th, 2016 06:01 pm
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3 lbs up.

Fuck this shit.
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I need a new icon for this.
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Tonight I am going to the PEER's Ball.

It will be the 5th session of dancing in 4 days. I feel fine, although I am minding my knee carefully.
Wednesday at Beats Antique; Thursday (NYE) at South Bay Blues Fusion; Friday at Friday Night Waltz; this morning at House of Inanna Bellydance class; tonight at the Fezziwig's Ball.

This is the way to live for me--dressed up and spinning! Surrounded by music and beauty!

Last night I was able to reconnect with my strong waltz turns, by being a bit more explicit on my leads. The question I asked everyone was "Would you prefer to lead or follow?" and then, later, "What sword form do you prefer?". The first question will be my new years resolution, I believe. By year end, combining training, dance practice, and weight loss, I hope to have a dance where I am able to dance ALL the dances. Good goal to reach for.

In May (late) I will probably have Dancing Games at FNW to celebrate my birthday. It will be fun.

Last night I also had two excellent tangos. SO much fun!

And, now to dress.


Dec. 14th, 2015 05:38 pm
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Stealing lemons from the tree, then stopping to go back and get some more while I'm sitting in the car right there...then suddenly having no english when I get out of the car, and running away--c'mon, I know you, I've seen the dog, it's not like you don't live in the neighborhood.

Time to put up lights, get the camera going again, and get a No Trespassing sign in Chinese.
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How many of these posts do I need for a fence?

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Baaaaa a-z

Sep. 24th, 2015 10:41 am
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A- Age: 54
B- Biggest Fear: Not being able to take care of myself and my brother.
C- Current Time: 10:40 AM PST
D- Drink you last had: Cappuchino
E- Easiest Person to Talk to: Jeannie
F- Favorite Song: Lots. Right now, "Can't Stand the Rain" by Lowell George (his version) But now? "Red Rain" by Peter Gabriel. And "Love Reign O'er Me" by the Who. There's horsetails in the sky, I pray for the rain to come.
G- Ghosts, are they real: Yes. But not as the media portrays them.
H- Hometown: Valley of Heart's Delight (Santa Clara Valley, CA)
I- In love with: many, but no special one that's working.
J- Jealous of: this button got broken off by a manipulative person a long time ago. I don't get jealous, I try to understand then get gone.
K- Killed Someone? No.
L- Last time you cried? Yesterday, reading a book.
M- Middle Name: Robert
N- Number of Siblings: 3
O- One Wish: Less manipulation by fear all around me.
P- Person who you last called: Insurance agent. Person I last texted: Friend
(really, I think that should be person you last contacted remotely)
Q- Question you're always asked: Why don't we see more of you?
R- Reason to smile: Friends
S- Song last sang: Whatever was on the car radio--PG
T- Time you woke up: 7 AM
U- Underwear Colour: stripey
V- Vacation Destination: I wish. Costa Rica, New Zealand, Paris
W- Worst Habit: Letting my negatives shape me more than my positives
X- X-Rays you've had: Lots. Mainly dental.
Y- Your favorite food: All of them. Pumpkin, peanut butter, scallops, fresh coleslaw...fries!
Z- Zodiac Sign: Gemini
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...two more rehearsals, and we would have nailed (that song--lalalalala, the perhaps pratfall, the disaster entrance...)

It's the truism for this show...two more rehearsals. The glory and terror of a Discovery show is that you get a month plus tech week to put it all together, and this one was basically a full orchestra show, just with the orchestra on stage, which was cool...we could interact with them, and they could all see us (if not our faces.)

"The Mountebank" is a very interesting text, being as it is Sullivan unrestrained, so his "Magic lozenge" is brought to the fore. Two songs about mechanical people, the use of the word "Transmogrification" in a song, a doomed love triangle, extremely frustrated village girls--this play has it all, and that means it's 3 hours long. But it does have decent women's songs (both solo and chorus) and pathos and humor, so it's a decent play, if a bit hard to follow (too much going on.)

Once again, Lyric Theater (GSSSJ) recruited a great bunch of leads, who I really enjoy watching, and working with. Several of them are destined for bigger/better things. As for me, it's clear I have the voice, the basic acting chops, the stage presence, and the ego to be a lead; I need to develop my singing, memorization, and appearance. That means diet, vocal training, and practicing memorization. The first one is hard, but I know how to do it (and have started), the second I know of resources and will start exercises for, and the final one (memorization) I will simply have to work on.

For the next Lyric show, I'm going to volunteer and see if they need run crew, and/or attend the singalong night (probably both.) I still really like the idea of a drunken Barkado (Mikado in a bar), and the King of Clubs would be a good place for it. As for the rest,


Goodbye no evenings free due to rehearsals. Hello no social events involving food. Goodbye to trying to find my note in the sea of tenors (I was the only bass/baritone in the chorus, and we were very few overall) (Yay! Show had enough tenors!) hello to trying to find my note in my brain as I memorize songs.

I'd recommend seeing the play, but as a minor Sullivan work, which hasn't been done in 50 years (we premiered the new edition, gotta love that about this group, the Discovery series does COOL STUFF (Next year a Sousa Operetta, how cool is that?)) I don't think you'll be able to see it. I might try to reprise some of the clockwork bits at the next Clockwork Alchemy. Hmm.
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...because that's all my life right now, school and theater...

1. The actual production of Iolanthe was brilliant. For amature theater values of brilliant. Dancing, music, costumes, GoddessIsis faerywings, amazing leads, it all worked at the end. Was it worth it? Yes.

2. Starting on HMR on the 8th, as mentioned before. One thing that worked was avoiding social food situations, so...I will be avoiding social food situations.

3. Emboldened by #1 but informed by #2 I rejoined the cast of "The Mountebanks" as chorus because--clockwork Hamlet and Ophelia doing songs "Put another penny in the slot" and "Tic Tic Tic", and ruffians turned into monks doing bad fake latin gregorian chants...I informed the producer that Wednesdays were not possible.

She was so excited to get me back, she lost that part of the conversation.

Um. Wow.

The show looks good, has some great talent (from earlier shows--Ryan, Jennifer, Cristy--all singers of great talent and acting ability) so I'll stick with it, but...um.

4. Yeah, this is a teaching experience which reminds me that I need to get a tech job.

5. Sleep is the key. Followed by todo lists. To do: Sleep.
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1. Convention: ClockWork Alchemy went well. Tons of great music and dancing. Tea. Costumes. NEat people. Now I want to do it again.

2. Picked up a gig to develop/teach a catapult class for Galileo learning. They've already sold 66 students on the class, but I can't make what they've given me work. Class rolls June 8. I'm procrastinating, because ...well, I don't want to do throwaway work. Sigh. Plus, the pay's not great...wah.

3. Diet: Not happening. Between the show and the class, didn't want to commit to 3 hours sometime in either rehearsal or class time. THe price of not stretching your boundraries is staying the same, but setting oneself up to fail isn't wisdom.

4. Stress. For some reason, still having various nightmares. Estate needs to be pushed forward more. Love the Nevada law system, it basically says "Don't ask us for help, hire a fucking lawyer."

5. Was talking randomly to a friend, now have a roommate--so cleaning and organizing the house is a higher priority.

and that's the moment.


It means that SCA is hosed, as there's training on A&S and working Friday/Monday of A&S war, but hey, money, and I don't have my fighting together anyway.

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As the old old joke goes, it's not the sweat, it's the thinking.

In many areas of my life right now, my brain (my monkey brain? distracted by the circus?) turns over possibilites both in the future and the path, and then gets distracted by shiny things (usually the computer shiny things. ) Objectively, I'm doing great--sleeping well, own a house (with the bank), not strapped for cash, not visiting the hospital or the morgue much--but subjectively, I keep dwelling on the irritants and getting off course (not that I have a well defined course ). (Or a horse. Horses for Courses? Who knew they were schooled that way?)

The solution is simple, easy and tricky to implement: remove decisions. Or, stated positively, have a routine to follow. The people who lose weight successfully? It's a routine. Those who achieve much at work? Pile the pebbles up every day, routinely. Move forward in relationships? Routinely treat their sweeties very well. Contrawise, what's the best way to fail? "Go Native", give up shaving, talking to people, or working on things.

Hmmm. Rather than get caught up in spending a lot of time deciding on routines, the from the hip shots:
* Breakfast is protein + Carb, choosing Egg/String cheese and nuts/oatmeal
* Lunch is Veggie with protein.
*Afternoon Snack is protein and fruit
*Dinner is not set yet.

Morning will have:
* Arise, weigh self, plan
* one hour on skills: scripting (python or bshell); storage, industry news

Day will have:
*Exercise session
*Job Hunt Session.

Ok, that's enough. Now to make it work. Doing well today, off to have the lunch. Salad!

(Eventually, I'll steal the Yoga before bed idea too!)
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Well, that's an easy review. 2014 sucked on many levels. Of course, it sucked much worse for others.

Got clear on the house, started the next projects. Didn't get them done. Current status: Heater not working, garbage disposal jammed and sink slow, living room not redone, hot tub (free, but moving cost $450) not wired or running, leak in roof.

Garden: frostkill of the tomatoes, all but one (of 8) cabbages gone, garlic bed surviving.

Vehicles: Dropped $2.5 K into van, working reliably now, but very near end of life.

Job: Lost it in February, glad to be out of there. 3 jobs promised by friends. Nope. Gone to final interview 6 times. No offers.

Relationship: Don't ask. Seriously, I don't know. The heart may have a mind of it's own, but I think that mind has been huffing glue.

Deaths: Less than some, but still feeling the loss. Learned from them.

Other things: Well, it's dark outside and cold inside, the garbage disposal and the heater don't work, and fuck it all, I'm building a tent.


So, replaced the garbage disposal, have tested heater, looks like it's the thermocouple. Roof leak should be easy to seal.

I'm ... struck by my Aunt Sharon's death. She elected to come home, she had time to say goodbye, and my final memory (I choose one to hold) is her organizing family sing alongs. So I sang, with a cousin-in-law, while she was passing, and that's lead to musical theater (Lyric Theater). It's not exactly fun, but it is satisfying.

Greg Hines death has a lesson: fight for your life. I'm sorry to have missed him the final time, and hope he has found peace, although he always had a sort of nirvana...perhaps more resignation. Really, I think the world moving forward is going to be a happier place for people like him. Well, like him while he was alive...ask me in person sometime.

OTHER NOTES FROM LAST YEAR: Gained back a lot of the lost weight. Didn't travel much. Did dance at Clockwork Alchemy, did sing Handel's Messiah twice, did read a lot of good things. Started playing Ingress. Facilitated family through RPG and being there.

Rex got his back hurt; it's a messy situation.

Danny got married.

Resolutions: In 2015, there will be
15 Parties/dinners thrown (Pi Day, 2nd Thanksgiving, Birthday)
15 Dances Attended (Should have done a NYE Ball!) (Should go tonight...)(Crosston, CLockwork Alchemy)
15 Tournaments/Pas Fought in

And we'll see how it goes.
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