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BC, in this case, being the Big Car (or actually Blue Coyote) the Van I've had since the little red truck finally died.  I decided to not have the van go out on the road, so when the alternator went a few weeks ago, I hemmed and hawed and finally donated the car.


The tow truck just left, in a short fall of cold rain and to the whistle of the freight locomotive passing the Murphy/California crossing.   They had a bad day and were late and apologized.  I had a bad day too, so we shared stories, but at least no radiator blowups in mine, or knives in theirs.  In jockeying CB around they did something (bunged the oil pan, I think) and dripped.  Ah well, it was a good ride while it lasted, but 10mpg?  No, thanks. 2.5K so far in fixing this year, and the transmission starting to slip, and the charging system failing?  No thanks!

CB was named by Jaylene, who has always channeled part of the Coyote spirit.  It was the van I lived in at numerous SCA events and 4 burning man's, and a week in Vancouver when I had my eye surgery.   It's had many adventures ranging from hauling many friends stuff to their new homes, to being a home for me, to being lent out to go to events I couldn't make it to but friends wanted to go.   There's memories of drunkenness, and solitude, and crowds of costumed dancers.  Most recently we went to Eugene after the wine country, with Prager Port and Captain Morgan and sufi dervishes and tigers and Captains, oh my.  

It's been...8? 9? 10 years?  that I've been travelling in BC.   I'm going to miss the good parts, but time to move on.

Goodbye, BC; thanks for the safe travels and steady roof. 


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