May. 14th, 2016

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I want to...

Do Musdsummer Knights dream as SCA theater

DMidsummer as about bi couples...include transgender arg

Really learn how to sing Bel Canto

Fit into armor again


May. 14th, 2016 06:31 pm
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1. Play fantastic. Stanford Savoyard's "Don Giovanni". Skipped FNW to sleep....good call.

2. Java with Jerry very good. Interesting discussions about power, public oversight, and the political process. Multiple older women reading from prepared statements, ready to burst into tears (I loved the letter from the "Save the Jarvis Foundation" about how the taxes would kill the elderly, right after the "We must have multiple evaluations and mental health and social workers if you want to kill yourself!" lady. The Right is doing it right; the form letters are well crafted and they send in multiple supporters, all outraged at how the Government is Trying to Kill them/ Tax them Unfairly) It's ...rather fascinating, really, especially when Senator Hill's greatest strength is power utility discussion... which had a whole bunch of kooks ready to roll.

3. Senator Hill is a politician; he has met and worked with Harris and Clinton, and endorsed them months ago. No surprises. THe surprise was his support for nuclear energy, because he's green...and his depth and grasp of these issues.

4. Went to Mists/Cyn war. Tried to put armor on. Gap. 1", but down the centerline? No. A. Write out diet and exercise plan and B) Make new body armor, longer, which can handle the overlap.

5. Focusing down in the day helps. Do less better, and be ready to rest or be flexible. 3 hours in the sun hauling chairs and marshalling tired me out. Skip the evening, sleep...

6. Gonna be a rough week, gotta get CA geared, start rolling forward on El Capitan, and there's some serious Serenade rehearsals to do... Avaunt!

7. CHICKENS! Closed them in the backyard, but left path to back fence open. Found them all in frontyard...sneaky, sneaky. THink the lights are keeping them up too late. Chaz brought cole, they jumped ALL over that.

8. Need to imitate Laina and do a side project.


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