May. 24th, 2016

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ExcitableHill: So Thiel financed Hulk Hogan's suit against Gawker. When do we find out that he's been financing Gamer Gate, the Rabid Puppies, and the Sanders campaign?

JustMello: He's pro-Trump.
ExcitableHill: I know, and the Sanders campaign, at this point, is just an adjunct to the Trump campaign.

John R. Schmidt ExcitableHill: Really? That's a lovely insult you have there.

ExcitableHill: John R. Schmidt I'm tired of bros of all form, regardless of if they are supporting Vox Day or the "we must destroy human civilization to keep a woman out of the Presidency option."

John R. Schmidt ExcitableHill: And so, you're saying that anyone who still feels Sen. Sanders is a viable candidate, or that voting for him in California may force the Democratic party to pay some attention to his platform, is equivalent to Vox Day? I understand your exhaustion from one remove (I am not as threatened by Trump's extremism.) Is this your intent?

ExcitableHill: John R. Schmidt I'm saying that willingness to accept the risk of a GOP presidency in order to advance an agenda which will never survive the current congress is a lot of privilege. Clinton's not perfect, but I stand a better chance of not ending up in a death camp if she's elected.

ExcitableHill:John R. Schmidt and that protecting queer, immigant, and Black lives is more important than "getting the bankers" right now.

John R. Schmidt ExcitableHill: Sure. I apologize; I'm going to stop this conversation. Please understand, however, that not all Bernie supporters are Bros...and economic inequality is a strong driver and base for the other inequalities.

ExcitableHill:The US is in survival mode now, we don't have room for any luxuries.

NO. THE UNITED STATES IS NOT IN SURVIVAL MODE. It's in Oligarchy Mode. It's in Fear Mode. But it's not in Survival Mode. But if this is the fear of the other that you give into...rednecks (immigrants) will kill you (will impose law and kill you) then you've lost.

And if this is what you believe, take to the fucking streets. Arguing on FB is just pissant irritating. In France, on a labor issue, they've shut the country down. Here, slow down the commute and hate is poured out upon you. I walked the line 4 years, every week I was there, I was spit on and struck and threatened because I stood up for the women, and I made a difference. Friends are walking with the Black Lives Matter set. Get out and talk to the politicians. Get on the City Council. At least WRITE your congresswoman. But sowing fear on FB that anyone who votes for Sanders...or for that matter, who votes for anyone BUT Hillary Clinton--is going to elect Trump who will PUT ALL XXXXXX IN DEATH CAMPS... I'm out.

I do invite you, dear readers, to vote, vote strong, and tell me what you strongly feel about. I voted Jerry Hill, Honda, and Harris; not as happy about Harris but best choice given, I thought. And my presidential vote will be A) Pro Women's Rights (especially health) and B) Against having family members killed in overseas expeditionary bullshit. So Trump? Right out.

It doesn't help that a grim friend declaimed that Trump would win, and set all to right...I wish the general run of the Republicans I know (not all Republicans) were less depressed and cranky, or downright gun crazy.

Toxic. Go get your vote on.


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